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InflexionPoint has partnered with Fend Incorporated to deliver secure communications between SCADA systems infrastructure. Fend’s technology allows data to be passed securely in one direction from system to system to allow communications desired while preventing unauthorized access to the system or worse an open vulnerability.  


About InflexionPoint

Founded in 1983 as a system integration company InflexionPoint has expanded into the Manufacturing Intelligence, AI space as well as the IT4OT Network Infrastructure and Cybersecurity arena. With the combined skillset of our team of engineers we are able to deliver comprehensive solutions addressing customers business needs and drivers. 


InflexionPoint's Mission

We’re all about relationships.

From the start of our discovery process, we strive to thoroughly understand our end user’s requirements and deliver a clear, thorough, and well-defined proposal. We follow a structured approach to project management and execution. At each step we strive to create lasting relationships built on quality, service, and responsiveness. 

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