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What is a Data Diode?

A data diode is a device that allows information to travel in only one direction.  Data diodes physically transport data in a one-way fashion, rather than relying on software and code like more vulnerable firewalls and threat detection systems. Keep ransomware and other attacks out of your networks!

Protect Equipment and Networks

Stream data from industrial control systems or transfer files between networks in a physically-enforced, one-way fashion. Learn more about what you can do with a one-way communication diode.


Why Fend?

Fend’s unidirectional gateway hardware physically protects you from cyberattack. Fend diodes feature:

  • All supported protocols included with purchase. No extra fees or licenses.

  • No need for custom external servers or software.

  • Built from the ground up as a cost-effective solution for monitoring industrial equipment.

  • Made in the USA.

Built-in Protocol Support

Fend data diodes come equipped with onboard protocol support for common industrial and IT protocols like Modbus, FTP, and TCP/IP. Setting up a diode is as easy as logging in the Fend Configuration Tool, selecting your protocols, entering some basic information. It takes minutes!

Fend Cloud

Use the power of remote monitoring or cloud-based analytics to provide the operational awareness and intelligence your teams need to more efficiently achieve your mission and improve resilience.


Buy Now

Fend’s patented hardware is designed for the unique needs of industrial control systems.  Our products are designed and built in the USA for long life, wide temperature range, and ease of installation.  Contact us for a quote.