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Integration Services

Fend partners with leaders in system integration, analytics, engineering, and other specialties to provide full-service options including:


Security assessments for existing networks. Asset inventory and network diagram development


Protocol and system integration for legacy networks (OPC UA/DA, Wonderware)


Analysis for the appropriate number, type, and location for Fend data diodes. Deployment design.


Data visualization and analytics 


Installation and commissioning of Fend data diodes


Continuous monitoring and Internal Network Security Monitoring (ISNM)

Integration Services Frequently Asked Questions 

Whether you need a little help or a full suite of managed services, Fend is here to ensure you get the intelligence you need and the security you deserve. Learn more about our services below:

What kind of assessment services does Fend provide?

You know that your operational technology (OT) is critical to your mission, but you may not know exactly what devices are part of that network, how they’re configured, or what is communicating with what.  Fend’s team can help you with physical inspection of your plant floors and control networks, virtual inventorying of devices connected to your network, and recommendations for configuration changes and mitigations.  

What do Fend’s design services include?

Whether you just need to know where to place data diodes in your network or need a full network architecture design, our team can help at the beginning of a project or later in an asset lifecycle when the changing threat landscape demands a more robust defense in depth strategy.  Partners with deep industry expertise, like 1898 & Co., expand our team with trained and certified engineers to help meet the toughest of demands and then help you stay on top of network operations with services like optional OT SOC-as-a-service.   

Can Fend help with data diode installation?

Though Fend’s data diodes are easy to install yourself, you may still want some help due to the size or geographic distribution of the deployment.   You may also need help collecting data, such as Modbus registers or other pre-configuration information.  Fend’s partners are here to help customers around the world, for example, Loop1, with its team of cybersecurity experts who strengthen the defenses of energy infrastructure with their team of trained installers.

What integration services does Fend provide?

For custom solutions and protocols not currently supported by Fend’s data diodes, additional integration services are available to get the data in the format you need to the location of your choice. For example, Fend partner Enero provides OPC UA to diode integrations (case study) that help chemical companies and manufacturers keep an eye on their most critical processes. Fend partner SUEZ provides Wonderware/AVEVA to diode integrations (case study) providing network segmentation between ICS networks and enterprise-side data historians.

How do Fend’s analytics work?

Fend helps you understand how your assets are performing, from building automation systems to pumping stations.  You can stay ahead of maintenance needs and find opportunities for energy savings.  The first step is to get data out of your OT assets and networks safely using our one-way communication diodes.  We then import the data into platforms like Fend Cloud, where you can store your data and transfer it via secure application programing interface (API).   Fend also works with analytics partners that bring deep expertise in a variety of industries.  For example, DataKwip is a leader in turning data from critical systems into actionable insight that operators can use to lower costs and improve resilience.

What is internal network security monitoring?

Internal network security monitoring (INSM) keeps you informed about what is happening on your network, from unexpected configuration changes to new devices unexpectedly sending data into or out of your network.  INSM, intrusion detection systems (IDS), security information and event management (SIEM), and other names refer to the continuous monitoring of network traffic, logs, and other indicators that could uncover an unexpected breach or ransomware attack.  With Fend, you can get log files and other key information out of air-gapped networks to catch threats that may have been introduced accidentally by service technicians or intentionally by insiders seeking to cause harm.  Our technology partners, like Claroty, help you identify threats quickly and take action to restore your network or act before equipment is destroyed.  Whether you’re subject to government mandates or looking to improve your operational awareness, Fend helps you monitor your networks while physically protecting your assets.

How do I get started?

Call Fend today at +1-571-970-1382, ext. 3, or visit our contact us page. 

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