Diode Solutions
for Your Operations

Physical Cybersecurity for Systems that Matter 

Your infrastructure is critical.  Whether your mission is to provide clean water, reliable electricity, or quality goods, the systems that make it all possible deserve the best security.  With secure access to up-to-date information about your industrial control systems, you can improve efficiency and resilience.  Fend protects systems and networks in a growing set of markets and is ready to help you achieve your mission. A few examples are highlighted below:  


Your organization's factories and distribution centers stretch across the globe. Your operations rely on equipment produced by thousands of suppliers. Resource-intensive assets like compressors, chillers, and packaging equipment play a critical role in an increasingly complex Industrial Internet of Things. Access to real-time data is critical for optimizing plant operations. Fend's data diodes and data transport services enable secure remote monitoring of operational data while physically protecting your equipment from attackers who would steal intellectual property or disrupt operations. Learn more...


Electric Cooperatives

Providing power to over 40 million Americans, co-ops need practical solutions that help them provide their members with reliable low-cost electricity. Fend's data diodes can bring real-time information from previously isolated systems (generation assets, substations, and more) back to headquarters without the need for costly truck rolls.


Critical Facilities

You may manage a hundred bank branches or a hundred thousand military facilities.  Your maintenance teams never have enough hours in the day to keep up with the emergency fixes and interval based service.  Make better use of this precious manpower with remote monitoring and advanced analytics.  Fend makes it possible to securely leverage the power of AI in the cloud and help get the right person with the right tool to the right place at the right time. 


Distributed Energy

Our energy production is increasingly reliant on clean, renewable energy sources.  Operators need to know which assets are producing and which need attention with granular, real-time information.  With a handful of equipment manufacturers dominating this price-sensitive market, an attack on these generation assets could disable thousands of similar inverters, trackers, and controllers at once, taking out gigawatts of production. Fend keeps attackers out while providing owners access to a whole marketplace of cloud-based tools, freeing them from being locked into one vendor's platform. 


Vehicle Telemetry

Whether your team drives semis across country or construction equipment on the other side of the world, real-time telemetry in the cloud can help identify upcoming repairs before anyone notices a problem on the ground. Using the power of remote monitoring and predictive analytics, you can keep these assets out of the shop and back out on the job.


Water and Wastewater Treatment

The plants that protect our drinking water and our environment create a mountain of data useful to engineering teams, regulators, and even scientists looking to track the spread of diseases.  Fend physically isolates the operations network from the IT network and get this data quickly into the hands of those that need it, Fend's data diodes can stream information out without giving an attacker a way in, at a fraction of the cost of traditional data diode solutions. Learn more...