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Diode Accessories

Screw-in Leads

Screw-In Power Leads (Pair)

For locations where 12V to 24V DC power is already available and the use of the standard 120VAC/12VDC power supplies is undesirable. These 10-foot long leads screw into the diode power jacks on one end and provide stripped bare-wire connections on the other side. Blue wire positive (+), white wire negative (-).


DIN-rail Mount-edit.png

DIN Rail Mount Case

This case option comes with a nickel-plated steel DIN-rail clip factory-installed on the backplate of the diode allowing it to be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail.


Wall mount feet on diode_sm-edit.png

Wall Mount Feet

This case option comes with wall mount feet factory-installed on either side of the diode allowing it to be securely mounted to wall or other surface with screws. 


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