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Data Diode Accessories

Browse all of our data diode accessories to get the right configuration for your setup. Whether you’re looking for DIN rail mounting clips or diode power-leads, we’ve got you covered. Secure your data diodes with wall mount options.

Screw-in DC Power Leads for Data Diodes

Screw-In Power Leads (Pair)

For locations where 12V to 24V DC power is already available and the use of the standard 120VAC/12VDC power supplies is undesirable. These 10-foot long leads screw into the diode power jacks on one end and provide stripped bare-wire connections on the other side. Blue wire positive (+), white wire negative (-).



DIN Rail Mount Case

This case option comes with a nickel-plated steel DIN-rail clip factory-installed on the backplate of the diode allowing it to be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail.


Wall Mount Feet for Your Data Diode

Wall Mount Feet

This case option comes with wall mount feet factory-installed on either side of the diode allowing it to be securely mounted to wall or other surface with screws. 



What is a DIN rail clip?

DIN rail clips are intended to be used to attach components, assemblies, and industrial control devices to DIN rails. They are standardized 35mm wide metal rails, and feature retention springs.

Why should I mount my data diode?

Mounting your data diodes helps ensure your setup is organized and easy to navigate. It also simplifies accessing diodes when you need to locate a specific diode. Mounting allows the data diode to live alongside the equipment it protects.

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