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Oil and Gas Data Diode Usage

Cybersecurity Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry

Like other critical infrastructure industries, oil and gas (O&G) operators of all sizes face numerous cybersecurity threats, including ransomware attacks that disrupt services and demand payment, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that overwhelm systems, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) that target operators with the intent of stealing sensitive information, disrupting services, or causing physical damage to critical infrastructure. Software and hardware vulnerabilities, if not regularly updated and patched, can also leave operators vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

As the threat landscape evolves and cybercriminals become more sophisticated, facilities in the oil and gas industry must remain vigilant in protecting their systems and data from cyber-attacks, which is why OT cybersecurity should be a top priority for your operations.

Case Study - Oil and Gas Cybersecurity

A national O&G pipeline operator was struggling to provide real-time billing data and manage the data sharing at interconnection terminals. Now the company trusts Fend’s one-way diodes to pull operational flow data from all key network nodes back to the Network Operations Center (NOC) while reducing OT network threat vectors. The client is able to integrate real-time operational data into the NOC while eliminating unrestricted communication between their OT and IT networks. The customer can utilize consequence-driven cyber-informed engineering (CCE) to establish a ‘digital twin’ strategy. They safely replicate their data loggers onto the enterprise network, receiving real-time data while protecting the SCADA system with physical isolation.


How Do Data Diodes Support Oil and Gas Cybersecurity?

To protect against the threat of supply chain disruption, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released new performance-based measures for O&G pipeline cybersecurity in Security Directive Pipeline 2021-020C (SD02C) dated July 27th, 2022. Under this directive, O&G owners and operators must segment IT/OT networks with secure air gaps that ensure operational readiness even if the IT system has been compromised.

Fend data diodes add an extra layer of physical security that blocks 100% of all inbound traffic and requires no security patches or maintenance, offering the same level of security as a physical air gap for remote access without the vulnerabilities.

Benefits of Using Data Diodes for Oil and Gas Operators

Fend’s easy-to-deploy hardware brings data diode protection to gas pipelines and oil refineries at a fraction of the price of traditional solutions. Fend enables visibility across the rest of the value chain, allowing real-time analytics, flow-rate modeling, and predictive maintenance while protecting operational networks and assets.

​Fend’s unidirectional gateway hardware physically protects you from cyberattack. Fend diodes feature:
●     No hidden fees or licenses. All supported protocols are included with the purchase.
●     No need for custom external servers or software.
●     Built from the ground up as a cost-effective solution for monitoring industrial equipment.
●     Made in the USA.

​Fend data diodes come equipped with onboard protocol support for common industrial and IT protocols like Modbus, FTP, and TCP/IP. Setting up a diode is as easy as logging in to the Fend Configuration Tool, selecting your protocols, entering some basic information.

Natural Gas Turbine - UDP Integration

Looking to use a data diode to segment an ICS network running UDP? We can help. Check out our UDP integration case study with natural gas turbines for electrical power generation.

Securing Smarter Oil and Gas Infrastructure

The oil and gas industry relies on Fend's data diode technology to strengthen cybersecurity measures. Enhance your systems, comply with regulations, and physically protect your industrial control systems with Fend data diodes. Realize the benefits of complete network segmentation, freedom from security patches, and hassle-free operation. Fend's offerings provide access to remote data with the security of a physical air gap.

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