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Fend Enterprise Solutions

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Your organization shapes the economy, protects our citizens, or powers our homes.  As complex as your operation can be, Fend can simplify your operational technology (OT) security. Whether you have 50 manufacturing sites or 50,000 buildings, you can get the situational awareness you need across your entire portfolio while physically blocking cyberattacks on the assets that make your mission possible.


Fend's enterprise solutions are designed to bring a consistent, scalable approach to your equipment and network monitoring. Your facilities and equipment may be decades apart in age, provided by a variety of manufacturers, and supported by staff with different skills sets. With Fend, you can stop cyberattacks at the door, detect insider threats, and reduce the risk of production downtime and ransomware. 


In manufacturing, the average cost of factory downtime is approximately $260,000 per hour. For the automotive industry, that number exceeds $1,000,000 per hour.

Fire Extinguishing System

Fend's one-way data diodes are affordable, flexible, and provide protection for systems without needing to maintain or configure firewalls.  You can data out of substations, pumping stations, shipping fleets, and legacy assets without the need for manual data collection.  Fend enables greater workforce efficiency and safe access to AI-based tools for systems that you cannot afford to have fail or be compromised by cyberattack. 


Enterprise customers have access to additional benefits including: 

  • Leasing options including warranty support

  • Volume pricing

  • Enhanced support tiers 

The world's top enterprises trust Fend to protect their operations.


US Army Corps

of Engineers


Contact Fend today to learn about our suite of products and services including: 

  • Asset inventory

  • Engineering design 

  • System integration

  • Dashboarding and analytics

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