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Fend and BlackByte work together to secure industrial control systems from cyberattack.  BlackByte's team has been trusted to defend electric infrastructure across America. Together, Fend and BlackByte help analyze cyber threats facing critical infrastructure and get data into the hands of operators to take action. 

About BlackByte

BlackByte Cyber Security, LLC was founded in 2015 to support U.S. critical infrastructure customers that require diligent and diverse applications of cyber security and operational resilience.  Detection and identification of cyber threat is a primary focus for industry professionals today in many critical infrastructure environments.  The U.S. Electric Power Grid, Nuclear Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Water sectors have been the focus of BlackByte's founder for many years as cyber/physical threat landscapes continue to add new and highly dynamic challenges to critical infrastructure and U.S. National Security postures. BlackByte's engagements with private industry and continued participation with federal cyber security research opportunities through strategic partnerships enable new technology to be deployed in these critical asset domains.  The company's foundation as a small business continues to be supported through the U.S. Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, which are just a few of BlackByte's partner portfolio.  These important public/private partnerships are shifting the cyber battlefields in the favor of owners and operators.

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