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Physically Block Cyberattacks

Fend physically protects your connected equipment from cyberattack and ransomware.

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Industrial Network Segmentation

Fend provides the operational intelligence you need and the network security you deserve.

Hackers have taken down electric infrastructure, seized control of moving vehicles, and stolen customer information from heating and cooling equipment. Until now, you had to rely on firewalls and software-based security for protection. Software-based systems require patches and updates, which only ever prepare you for yesterday's war. You can't afford to be the one who gets hacked. That's why Fend created a new generation of unidirectional security hardware. Fend's patented data diode design physically transports data in a one-way fashion, allowing you to monitor network data from protected networks and industrial control systems without opening up those networks to cyberattack. With Fend’s data diode solution, we’ll keep the bad guys out while providing you with the intelligence you need to optimize your business.

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What is a Data Diode?

A data diode is a device that allows information to travel in only one direction.  Data diodes physically transport data in a one-way fashion, rather than relying on software and code like more vulnerable firewalls and threat detection systems. Keep ransomware and other attacks out of your networks!

Protect Equipment and Networks

Stream data from industrial control systems or transfer files between networks in a physically-enforced, one-way fashion. Learn more about what you can do with a one-way communication diode.

Physically-Enforced Protection

Fend’s hardware sends data in only one direction with full optical isolation. With Fend’s data diode network cybersecurity, attackers have no path into your network.

Made in the USA

Fend designs and manufactures its one-way communication diodes in the US to improve reliability and supply chain security.

Opens the Door to the Cloud

Fend’s hardware makes it possible to safely extract data and analyze it using the power of machine learning in the cloud while providing a physical backstop.


SBIR Award Phase I and II Winner

Winner of the Disruptive Technology Award

Project of the Year

ACT-IAC Innovation Finalist

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Defense Tech Connect

Construction Tech Top 50


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