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Securing Smart Infrastructure

keep hackers out

Hackers have taken down electric infrastructure, seized control of moving vehicles, and stolen customer information from heating and cooling equipment. Enough is enough! Fend brings a straightforward solution to keep bad guys out while providing you the intelligence you need to optimize your business. 

Fend physically protects your connected equipment from cyberattack.

You need the real-time information that remote equipment monitoring provides so you can improve efficiency and reduce unexpected downtime.  With the power of alerts and predictive analytics, you can stay on top of maintenance needs, reduce energy costs, and get the most out of your workforce.  

Until now, you had to rely on firewalls and software-based security for protection. Their patches and updates only prepare you for yesterday's war.  In an age where criminals have access to rentable botnets, unlimited cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, some malicious code is going to get through.  You can't afford to be the one who gets hacked. That's why Fend created a new kind of unidirectional security hardware.   With Fend's patented design, your equipment transmits its real-time status using light to your network or cloud.  The hardware provides no light for inbound traffic, so viruses, malware, ransomware, and other malicious code are kept out for good.

Fend brings levels of security once reserved for nuclear power plants to the masses with drastically improved usability and a fraction of the cost of previous generation technologies.  You deserve to be safe from cyberattack.  Contact Fend today! 


Fend is a 2018 and 2019 Department of Energy SBIR Award Winner, a graduate of the Smart City Works business actuator, and 2019 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award Winner.

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